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HI would like to share with you a ritual I do every New Year's that is quite complex and requires a lot of brain wave and consideration time. It is derivative from an antique Greek ritual for richness and fertility. As you may recall, antiquated Mediterranean Kings and Queens used to wear garlands of bay trees (as well as olive leaves) as crowns. Bay leaves, and often bayberry leaves, are often used in Alexandrian magic as well, as well to draw accomplishment in big business and finances. I like this ritual since first of all it is very "white" and it also involves the characters down of your wishes. The inscription down of your requirements on 108 bay foliage works in the same way as a assured affirmation. The stating of your goals and requirements allows you to by the book display them in real life. Every year I pull out my old bay plants and sort by means of them and I am all the time flabbergasted by how many of my requirements have in fact been granted.

For this you will need:

a blank check

a gold or silver pen (but a green will do if you can't get those colours)

Cinnamon incense

a green, an red or a blond or GOLD candle (whichever colour attracts you the most)

Orange oil, bergamot or accomplishment oil or Horn of Abundance oil a box up of bay plants (whole)

an envelope

pretty ribbon

This ritual is for many desires and is best done when you have at least two hours to spare in reflection and quiet. It is best done inside ten days already or after the New Year's. After the New Years or on New Year's Day is preferable.

First of all, take a bath in your favourite suds (Calgon, take me away!) and put manually in a calm and peaceful state. You can play some steady cadenced music if you like - whatever thing that puts you into a bit of a dream (chanting, new age. )

The first thing you are going to do is light the cinnamon incense. Cinnamon is allied to the globe Mercury and symbolizes contact and quick results. Then I want you to cut your name and birth date on the side of the candle. Put the candle plate that is wrapped in tin foil (to characterize the moon).

Then I want you to take the blank cheque and write the total of money that you think you would like to make this year or the sum you need to get out of agitate using a gold or silver pen. Make the cheque allocated to the order of physically and be sure to add a few more bucks in there as fun money.

The idea here is to make this cheque as attractive as possible. Adorn it with lucky secret code such as cash signs, hearts and plant life so this money is brought to you with a sense of joy. Once you are happy with your cheque, and have signed and authoritative it and everything, I want you to massage all four corners of the cheque with one or more of the oils mentioned above. To make it even more anyone adds a dab of your delicate perfume.

Place the cheque you wrote to physically under the dish. Light the candle and say:

"In the name of the I Am that I Am I pray to the Archangels and their legions of light, I pray to the blessed Virgin and her angels of compassion for the next assistance and blessings"

Now open the box up of bay leaves. There are two ways of doing this spell -- in a actually BIG way or in a more capable manner. It depends how much time you have. When I did this on my birthday I used 108 bay grass (or fragments of foliage as every now and then they collapse in the package) but you can use less if you like. I used 108 for the reason that it is a real magic number, but you can just do as many bay foliage as you can.

As the candle burns and the exasperate is burning too, I want you to write on each bay leaf, a free word that represents each thing you would like to crop up in the near future. For instance, if you are looking for migration eminence thing write the word "Citizenship" on the bay leaf. If you owe the dentist money write, "dentist bill paid". If you would like a lover to come again write "lover returns". Each leaf has a wish on paper on it. On the leaf after write "high paying job", on the next one "safety", "security", "soulmate". . . Place the grass in a circumnavigate about the candle in the shape of cover so that it looks beautiful and keep on doing this until you are all wished out. Your candle ought to be circled by bay plants each with a wish printed on it.

This commonly takes most associates quite a while, and ahead of they know it, the candle has burned down.

If you be over journalism the grass early that is ok too, keep burning the candle down to the base (so don't get a candle that is too big. ) After you have in black and white a wish too, it helps if you "let go of it" and resign your self to the fact that the senior powers are attractive care of it.

After you are done journalism all of your wishes, I want you to say:

"I be concerned about this done in this hour, in full power according to the will of God, portion all and harming none Amen. "

After the candle burns out, I want you to take the foliage and the cheque and put them in an envelope. Seal the envelope, wrap it with a nice ribbon, kiss it and put it in a safe place. Don't look at this again for a year. Just rest declare that all is describing in the Universe as it should.

Blessings to all of you this New Year. xxx Samantha

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