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Are you ready for Mother's Day? Yes I achieve it's still a week or two away, but if you haven't on track your Mother's Day promotions yet it might previously be too late. I know of one circle that has entirely sold out of their big Easter consequence 3 weeks prior to Easter (yes entirely sold out!). So if you haven't done so already, work up some Mother's Day promotions and start contacting your preceding customers and lists.

Why promote Mother's (or any feast for that matter) when it's still more than 2 or 3 weeks away? Why do you start as Halloween costumes for sale in September and Christmas paper chain in October? There's quite a few reasons, but the two largest ones are:

- To stay ahead of the competition

- Keep your big business in mind when your customers begin their anniversary shopping.

It's above all crucial to announce crop and specials far ahead of time in aim sales, as we need to keep in mind shipping times. If your shipping time is 1-2 weeks, your customers only have this week to shop.

If it's too late for Mother's Day, start accepted wisdom about Autonomy Day and what you can do to spice up your business!


About the Authors: Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank are two busy wahms, and the owners of As the crow flies Sales Helpers. Learn how you can be doing well in your business by visiting: http://www. DirectSalesHelpers. com


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