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The last Monday of May since 1868, has been designated as Cenotaph Day. Now, at some point in that weekend, beer and picnic supply sales skyrocket. Travelers drive our nation's highways en masse. And don't fail to remember the Indy 500.

And while it's crucial to have fun and celebrate Commemorative Day weekend in your own way, it's also central to commit to memory why that day exists. It was set aside to gesture U. S. troops and pay duty to the astounding sacrifices these brave men and women have made, and are still making, for our freedoms.

In case you've wondered how you could honor those sacrifices, here are 3 cheap ways:

1) Donate everyday flyer miles to help our hurt soldiers and their families. You can do this all the way through an company called Business First Response. OFR looks after hurt troops from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Sanatorium to Landstuhl Regional Checkup Core in Germany to combat aid hospitals in Iraq.

They also agree to donations, like clothes,socks, underwear, toothbrushes, razors, etc. . .

You can help out this great association by basically going to their site and since what you can do. http://www. operationfirstresponse. org/

2) Comment the General Flash of Remembrance. The Jiffy occurs on Cenotaph Day, 3 PM, local time, for only 1 minute. Contribution is easy and finally voluntary.

The White House Agency on Recollection urges Americans to comment in their own way. Ring a bell. Say a prayer. Address the flag.

You could even call your darling radio or TV location ahead of time and ask for that they play "Taps" at that time.

According to the Commission's website: 'In May 1996, the idea of the Instant was born when family doing a tour Washington, D. C. , were asked what Monument Day meant. They responded, "That's the day the pools open!" '

Since then, the Administration has been dyed-in-the-wool to creation Americans aware of observing the Moment.

To read more about it, go to: http://www. remember. gov/moment/about_event. cfm

3) Visit a forces cemetary. You can pay acknowledgment with the time flattered tradition of insertion a small American flag, or flowers, on the graves of our fallen soldiers.

In 1952, the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts began insertion flags on the 150,000 graves at Jefferson Garrison General Cemetary and carry on the tradition to this day.

If you're an arts and crafts type of person, an cheap silk flower agreement or 2, of red, white and blue can be bent and laid on a brave benefit man or woman's grave.

In 1924, the VFW ongoing their illustrious Buddy Poppy Code by advertising false poppies made by disabled veterans. The tradition of promotion red poppies to advantage our veterans goes back to the early 1900's and was inspired by Moina Michael, who sold red poppies to honor those who died in our nation's service.

To read more about the Buddy Program, go to: http://www. vfw. org/index. cfm?fa=cmty. levelc&cid=127

Here's a link for an exciting condition called "Memorial Day Flowers" by Tenley McDonald: http://ezinearticles. com/?id=34526

Have fun, be safe and commit to memory our American soldiers.

Ronnie Kimball grew up in a martial children and is a co-publisher of REACH HIGHER, The Good NewsLetter. To get the Good NewsLetter and hear samples of Ronnie's CD, REACH HIGHER, go to: http://www. reachhigher. com


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