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Years of having to make do have crooked me into a?"There must be by some means I can do this cheaper type person. "

My old new house needs total make over. We are belief about affecting into my MIL's house. So I am under your own steam about looking and thinking, my goodness, this will be way too much to do and then the old, "There must be in some way I can do this cheaper type person" kicks in and I think, yah, there must.

First curtains need to be put up on the windows. I will check all of Grandma's fabric?and she has tons, and see if some of it can be salvaged for chance treatments. Gee, today all you especially need is a nice made of wood Venetian blind and a swag or scarf.

I am accepted wisdom about sticking with the umbers I see exterior this time of year (November). I by now bought my border for the kitchen at a B&B we went to a connect of weeks ago, and it kind of has a airless tone to it. You can do the same thing with fabric. Just take a quick trip to Wal-mart's fabric Dept. They are all the time in receipt of rid of bits and pieces at bargain prices. If you are doing a dining room for Thanksgiving, do swags/scarf for the windows and a table cloth, placemats and napkins.

It actually wouldn't take as long as you think. Put up some lace curtains and make a scarf from the fabric you use for your table cloth. . or maybe you have a plain white table cloth previously available. Just make a candidate that matches your chance scarves,napkins and placemats.

Now what about the centerpiece? I like this idea on about. com Just has some greens and Fall leaves, candles?well, take a look: The Centerpiece, It's one where you can just confiscate the fall trees and change with berries for Christmas. Reduction time is what it's all about. Put up some wreaths on the doors and over the mantle. A clean grape vine with dried flora in fall tones is nice. Use some wire ribbon to make a bow.

Put up plain candlesticks with fall painted candles and don't disregard the whole theme of Blessing is charitable merit for our bounty. Use displays of fruit and gourds, pumpkins and mums. Get out an old watering can and fill it with foliage to place on the porch, any old galvanized buckets? Put wheat or tall dried grass demonstrate in your bucket. Don't fail to remember the grapes. Take a nice glass plinth compote and cataract assorted varieties.

If you have a garden, pile the day's patch bring in into a wheel barrow at the back door.

Just commit to memory ?you don't have to use all these ideas. You don't want to have to take all this down to get ready for Christmas that's just about the corner.

Accomplish Prayer Menu and Recipes by Lorrie Ann Danner Copyright 2004 Caroline Shaw

Caroline Shaw holds a B. S. grade from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA in Derivative Education, English. She is a mom to six children. She is Editor and Publisher of the Online Magazine,"A Mom's Love. " Each issue contains informative articles for WAHMs, their children, free moms, functioning moms, and more. She lives with her husband, three "still at home" children, a collie, an australian marshal and two kitties in Western Pennsylvania. Her hobbies are writing, cooking, gardening, decorating and crafts. Visit AMomsLove. com


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