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50 ways to acknowledge your employees ahead of and after labor day - holidays


For most people, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer, back to school, and a new long weekend. Deep down however, when we stop for a flash and consider as we often do on bank holidays, we all know that Labor Day is, in reality, meant to imply a time to accept the achievement, struggle and determination of the functioning man and woman.

Here are 50 ways to acknowledge your employees in honor of Labor Day. See how many you are doing already, and which ones you could start doing better:

1. Ask them about themselves
2. Find ways to stay in an assenting frame of mind, by adage yes as often as feasible
3. If an member of staff makes a mistake, keep your emotions in check and adviser them to the make the right certitude the next time
4. Be honest, ethical and direct at all times. Stop physically from stretching the truth about any issue that may arise
5. Pay attention to their needs and wants
6. Let them help you with your marketing plan
7. Listen in to their stories about their families
8. Ask if a little is wrong if you feel an worker is performing arts assorted than usual
9. Bring to mind the names of those employees in other departments you don't know
10. Find out the birthdays of your employees and commit to memory to send each one a card when that day comes about
11. Award more than a few options when they seek your advice, but also allow them to come up with their own solutions
12. Alarm them with an extemporized incentive, reward or thank you just for doing their job in the exceptional way that they do it
13. Stay with them a few moments after you've resolved an issue, just to make sure there aren't any enduring questions they were shy to ask
14. Have lunch brought in
15. Let them take the reins on a buyer issue, benevolent them the empowerment they deserve
16. Stop by their work area just to say Hi
17. Let them vent
18. Argue their privileged aspirations
19. Let down your guard
20. Come out from at the back of your desk when they come to see you
21. Tell them they're doing a great job (you can't do this too often)
22. Learn a bit from them
23. Don't think with your mouth open
24. Make manually accessible, key your phone and come back your emails
25. If you make a mistake, say you're sorry
26. Keep your promises
27. When you talk to them look in their eyes
28. Pass out their pay stubs and checks, and as you give it to them, thank them for the work they do
29. Acknowledge an everyday task they do, and tell them exclusively how well they do it
30. Give them your complete attention.
31. Ask for their opinion.
32. Further their inspiration when faced with a challenge
33. Find out what they're best at, and help them befall masterful at it
34. Be genuinely glad to see them
35. Bend
36. Allow them to find their own way, but give help when requested
37. Give them direct feedback.
38. Bring in them in conversations with your peers, don't make them feel left out
39. Acknowledge them.
40. Be enduring when they're having a bad day
41. Send them to a assembly in your place, with their consent
42. Deem what they say
43. Laugh at their jokes
44. Advance them to think exterior the box
45. Let them look at the big conceive of with you
46. Share band goals with them, even if you think they won't appreciate it all
47. Cheer all types of criticism
48. Make sure your voicemail implication is as affable as possible
49. Commence them to your boss's boss
50. Tell them if they ever have a difficulty or affair they can call you at home, and give them your number

Andy O'Bryan is creator of Incentive Toolkit 2005, the new ebook that gives employers creative and easy ways to motivate ttarget="_new" he great act and reward the job well done, existing at http://www. incentivetoolkit. com. To book an worker motivation session, consultation or central send an email to ajobryan@aol. com for a menu of topics.


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