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The Christmas Dress

From the time I was a very diminutive girl, I had constantly loved to watch my big sister, Loretta, when she was sewing. So, one Sunday day while she worked on the red velveteen high jumper that was going to be my Christmas outfit, I didn't want to miss a free thing.

Where Have All The Wise Men Gone? Jesus Is Not Agreeable For Christmas!

It's CHRISTmas!Where are the wise men?WOW - The wise men are MISSING! What kind of Christmas is this anyway?Are you fixed up in the "season" with this Christmas thing? Do YOU know where the wise men are?For over 200 years we have celebrated Christmas and all of the joys and celebrations that go with the "holidays" in this great fatherland of ours. Christmas was stated a centralized feast in 1870 by Head Ulysses S.

Simplify the Season

Let's take a look at a average Christmas To-Do list: bake cookies, buy and make gifts, apply your mind company party, place of worship commitments, attend to and mail cards, clean the house for guests, decorate..

Home For The Holidays: Happy Times, Right

This time of the year is assumed to be happy. A time when breed is warm and welcoming.

Home For The Holidays: Heirloom Stories Are A Accurate Gift

Selecting the right gift for a distinctive a celebrity is from time to time joyous, from time to time a chore. Give a gift that's free.

New Ways to Use Old Christmas Cards

Forty years ago when I was increasing up on our dairy farm in Wisconsin, my nurse all the time saved the Christmas cards she had acknowledged in the mail. In those days, ancestors sent many more Christmas cards than they do now.

The Thanks Blessing

"Wouldn't you just know it," muttered my husband, Randy.We had by now been forceful for a duo of hours in a become familiar with truck that we had rented from a friend, and now it was absolutely dark.

Country Christmas Idea: Milkweek Pod Poinsettia Ornaments

Country Christmas Idea: Milkweed Pod Poinsettia OrnamentsAt first glance, milkweed plants and poinsettias don't seem to have much in common. If you live in an area where milkweed grows wild, however, you can use the dried milkweed pods to make poinsettia jumble for your Christmas tree.

Whatever Happened to Christmas?

Remember when no one ongoing Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving?Wisconsin biographer LeAnn R. Ralph remembers it very well.

The Attitude of Fathers Day

Some time ago I conventional a gift from both of my children. It was spontaneous and had nil to do with Father's day.

Holiday Candy Canes Are Cheerful and Fun

Candy canes are everyone's darling festival treat. Just think about how versatile they are.

Valentine Gifts From The Heart

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my nurse portion me make a Valentine's box to take to school. We pulled out white paste, an old shoebox, scraps of doilies, and construction paper.

New Years Resolutions

Ah, the start of an added year! In a dazed haze on New Years Eve, I promised a big name (or was it myself?) that I would be good this year. I said I would draw up my New Year's Resolutions - above all after the roller-coaster year I had last year.

Holiday Dieting: A Sweet Way To Cheat!

If your diet is construction you a false piety this season, there's some good news. Turns out dark chocolate, that depraved confection, may in reality be good for you!Yes, freshly conducted studies available in the American Journal of Clinical Sustenance have shown that a dose of dark chocolate will heed all sorts of beneficial results.

5 Tips to Cut Anniversary Depression

While war and poor cost-effective situation begin to change ancestors all over the world, more and more citizens be diagnosed with with depression. The more we focus on news dealings and the big business climate, the more we are depressed.

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